Are there any other words like this?

I find the “h” sound following the “b” to be particularly euphonious. But I can’t think of any other English words off the top of my head that have this. (Excepting, of course, variations of this same word.)

abhor, v.

1. trans. lit. To shrink back from with shuddering, to view with horror or dread. Obs. rare.

2. fig. To regard with horror, extreme repugnance or disgust; to hate utterly, loathe, abominate. a. Obj. a noun or noun-phrase.

b. Obj. an infinitive phr.

3. causally. To make one shudder, to horrify; to cause horror or disgust. Mostly impers. Obs.

4. intr. lit. To shudder, feel horror or dismay. Obs. rare.

5. fig. To shrink with horror, repugnance, disgust, or dislike from. Obs.

6. To be repugnant, be at variance, be inconsistent, differ entirely from. Obs.

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