Are you so inclined?

Another nice little word, and another of those interesting instances where the root word is obsolete and the derivation is not.acclive, a.Obs. rareRising with a slope, sloping upward, steep; = ACCLIVOUS, ACCLIVITOUS.----------acclivityThe upward slope of a hill; an ascending slope.

The unknowable

"For modern man there is no providence, because it would imply a wisdom superior to his and a relationship of means to ends which he cannot find out. Instead of feeling grateful that some things are past his discovering (how odd it sounded when Churchill, the last survivor of the old school, declared that the … Continue reading The unknowable

Another cool word.

Quite a number of excellent words in the "acci-" section. I've had to skip several that were interesting simply in the interest of keeping things moving along at a respectable pace.accismusRhet.A feigned refusal of that which is earnestly desired.

How awesome is it?

About four kinds of awesome. The word and the definition are pretty simple, but check out the etymology. (I've replaced the Greek script that Blogger won't display asterisks for each character. Sorry to any Greek scholars that were interested.)accidie[a. OFr. accide, acide, ONormFr. accidie, acidie; ad. med.L. accīdia, corrupt. of late L. acēdia, a. Gr. … Continue reading How awesome is it?

Not posting late!

Huzzah. On time with a post for the first time in about a week. Another word for a specialized Catholic practice.accessit1. With reference to French examinations: = PROXIME ACCESSIT.2. A secondary vote given in the election of a Pope: see quots.

Shared Belief

"The problem which disintegration places in the lap of practical men, those in charge of states, of institutions, of businesses, is how to persuade to communal activity people who no longer have the same ideas about the most fundamental things. In an age of shared belief, this problem did not exist, for there is a … Continue reading Shared Belief