Linguistic Jokes

Another word I've seen before, but I didn't really think of it as word (just as a meaningless Spanish-sounding name). In the wonderful Tintin books by Hergé, one of the recurring characters who appears in several stories is a General Alcazar who was constantly either overthrowing the government of his fictional Latin American country or … Continue reading Linguistic Jokes

An Archaic Form

Ancient poetic forms seem to have had more rigorous rules to follow. I sure wouldn't be able to write a poem worth anything following these rules.Alcaic, n. and adj.Prosody. A. n.A poem, strophe (stanza), or line written in Alcaic metre (see sense B.). Usually in plural.B. adj.Written or composed in a metre traditionally attributed to Alcaeus; relating to or characteristic … Continue reading An Archaic Form

A Pale Imitation

It's been a while since I had an obscure female variation on a common word. This is one I never even thought about being possible or necessary. It seems more obscure than most of the others I've come across so far.albiness, n.Now hist. and rare.A female albino.