Measured stone

Who knew it was also a unit of measure? The only citation for sense 3 of the noun form is... another dictionary. Also, I own a (much more recent) copy of this dictionary. Old dictionaries tend to be veritable fonts of old and interesting, though not always useful, information. One of my favorite things.alabaster, n. … Continue reading Measured stone

Master of the Tupperware

My wife would probably want to employ one of these people each time there's a potluck at church. Not a household office about which one hears often, but undoubtedly useful.aker, n.hist. Obsolete. rareA servant responsible for receiving and looking after vessels from the kitchen.

Cool It

Each definition is rare or obsolete, but that just means you can save your breath to cool your porridge.Okay, look, all the jokes can't be good. You have to expect that once in a while.akele, v.1. trans.a. To make cold, to cool. Also fig.: †to make less ardent, vigorous, or vital, to assuage, quench (obs.). … Continue reading Cool It

Can you do it?

I'm not sure if I could work this word into a sentence. Try and get it into conversation this week without using a dodge like "I learned a new word...".aggresteyneObs.A disease of the tail feathers of hawks.

Under attack

A verb from which a more well-known noun is derived.aggress, v.1. intr. To approach, march forward. Obs. Hence aggressed ppl. a.; also as n.2. intr. To make an attack; to set upon; ‘to commit the first act of violence; to begin the quarrel.’ J. Const. on. Also transf. (esp. in Psychol. contexts) and const. against. … Continue reading Under attack

Strictly ornamental

If it's never used, is it really a word?And I've discovered that I can at least get the names of the Greek letters even if not the symbols themselves. For all the Greek scholars among my readership. They're such a large constituency.agalmaObs.[Gr. {alenisacu}{gamma}{alpha}{lambda}{mu}{alpha} (pl. {alenis}{gamma}{gaacu}{lambda}{mu}{alpha}{tau}{alpha}) an honour, ornament, statue, picture. Found in Dicts., but never … Continue reading Strictly ornamental