A to Z

Here’s the deal. We’ll see how long I can keep this up, but I intend to read through the OED and post a word (or perhaps two) each day along with the definition and some other details. It won’t be every word (I don’t think I’ll live that long), but rather words that I did not already know or find so compelling that I wish to commend them to the world at large. Hopefully, this will be a large enough set of words to keep me occupied for some time and yet a small enough set to stave off any cease-and-desist letters from the Oxford University Press (or whoever publishes the OED). I don’t plan for it to be all of the words I find which I do not already know, because there should be a plethora of words to describe obscure scientific details that will be too dull to include.

Maybe I ought to do something similar with the Encyclopedia Britannica too. Hum…

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