Another word we should revive.

An interesting word. I had become so accustomed to the word "instantaneous", that for a moment I couldn't make the connection between it and this word. Interesting how components of words can lose their significance and only the greater word and it's meaning remain in one's mind.absentaneous, a.Obs.Done in absence, pertaining to absence.

What is a "dark lantern"?

I'm not certain. One that is shaded so as to only emit a small light? One that emits light only in a particular direction? I should look it up.absconce, n.A dark lantern used in monasteries (see Du Cange), and at lauds and matins in the Roman Catholic church.

More money does not better education make.

[Americans] have built numberless high schools, lavish in equipment, only to see them, under the prevailing scheme of values, turned into social centers and institutions for improving the personality, where teachers, living in fear of constituents, dare not enforce scholarship. They have built colleges on an equal scale, only to see them turned into playgrounds … Continue reading More money does not better education make.

Jacobin folly

If society is something which can be understood, it must have structure; if it has structure, it must have hierarchy; against this metaphysical truth the declamations of the Jacobins break in vain.~ p. 35Ideas Have Consequences