A request

As you know, I don't generally like to talk about personal stuff on my blog too much (and I have done it a bit too much lately), but I think I should mention this. For those of you who read this blog and are praying folk, I'd appreciate it if you could spare a mention … Continue reading A request

And, just to prove how boring I am, …

Some words I found in the OED and found interesting.epiphora3. Logic. The conclusion of a syllogism or consequent of an hypothesis.epiphonema1. Rhet. An exclamatory sentence or striking reflection, which sums upor concludes a discourse or a passage in the discourse.epiphanic, a.Of the nature of or characterized by an epiphany; esp. in Lit. Theory,constituting or containing … Continue reading And, just to prove how boring I am, …


Haven't seen the movie, won't see the movie. Why? This about sums it up. *WARNING* For those who like to be made aware of such things, there is a bit of vulgar language and such-like. Unsurprisingly really, the movie itself was rated R.

Long term loan

Who knew? Turns out the UK has just finished paying off the money they borrowed from the US and Canada. They borrowed $4.33 billion and ended up paying us about $7 billion because they took about 60 years to pay the debt off.