More Anime Goodness

The third set of episodes has arrived from the library. This is the one that I had already seen. Good stuff for the most part. One episode was almost entirely dialogue with very little action, yet it managed to hold my interest because it illuminated something of the path that the series will take regarding the “Laughing Man”. Another story that involved the “Laughing Man” built on these answers and added a number of further questions that I hope will be answered as the season progresses. I’m about half-way through the series as a whole and I have high hopes for it, though some hints I’ve picked up here and there indicate that the twist coming at the end might be not to my liking.

A word of warning to anyone who might watch these, one of these episodes (Jungle Cruise) that truly stands alone is rather disturbing. It concerns a killer who murders his victims in a particularly gruesome way. If you’ve watched the episodes up to this point and are really getting involved with the story and the characters, I would suggest watching this episode even if you feel squeamish because it does provide some insights in to Batou, but for the faint of heart (or stomach), you could skip it and do just fine.

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