The Drop: Sin and Redemption

The trailer for The Drop fooled me about what kind of movie I was getting into. Initially I believed it was a heist film. It's certainly not that. There's a few brief moments where one would think it was a gangster film. Which on the surface, I suppose, it is. But at its heart it's a movie about one of my favorite topics for film: humanity and the problem of evil.

The Authoritative Ordering of Pixar Films

Pixar films, ranked correctly, from best to worst. Full list and some highlights of the reasoning below the jump.The GreatThe IncrediblesToy Story 3Toy Story 2The GoodToy StoryMonsters Inc.A Bug's LifeRatatouilleUpFinding NemoMonsters UniversityInside OutThe BadBraveCarsWall-ECars 2There are 15 theatrically released Pixar films to date. I have purposefully sat myself down and watched 14. Cars 2 I saw … Continue reading The Authoritative Ordering of Pixar Films

Bonus Stripped

I'm a big fan of the Stripped documentary. (About comic strips! Get your mind right.) You ought to buy a copy yourself, it's well worth watching. But if you really like comics, then you can also splurge for the extra features, the best of which are the extended interviews with a lot of the cartoonists. … Continue reading Bonus Stripped


Okay, okay; so that's not the most creative title you've ever seen, or indeed, that I've ever come up with. On the other hand, it is right about the same level as the quips in the latest Bond film. In fact, the entire movie ends up seeming like nothing so much as a parody of … Continue reading Skyfallen