Ghosts. Shells. Complexes standing alone.

Volume 2 arrived and was watched. The episodes are pretty good, with a two-part episode following the “Laughing Man”, the uber-hacker whose exploits are a thread running through the series, it would seem. The other two were truly stand-alone episodes, one of which was primarily used for character development. Good times to be had watching all of them however. Lots of opportunities for our heroes to demonstrate just why it is bad to mess with cybernetically enhanced super-cops.

One of the reasons that this show is so enjoyable is that while it takes place well into the future, the technology is explained only just so much as is needed by the story. We don’t get bogged down in techno-babble, nor does the plot usually hinge on our heroes needed to develop some technological advance in order to succeed. (As is the problem with such things as Star Dreck, uh, Trek.) Most of the time, our heroes simply use their advanced technology without explaining exactly how it works. And frankly, that’s fine by me. Write a good story and the world will beat a path to the bookstore. On to the next!

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