I hate this word.

Well, that’s a bit strong. I don’t have much against the word itself, mind, but I use it almost constantly in my employment and the familiarity has indeed bred contempt.

advised, ppl. a.

1. pple. Of persons: Having considered or pondered. to be advised: to consider, reflect, to act after consideration. Const. of. Obs.

2. Hence adj. (in sense of the older avisé, advisee) Deliberate, cautious, wary, judicious. Obs.

3. esp. with well or ill; both pple. as in 1, and adj. as in 2. Obs.

4. Of things: Considered, deliberate, intentional; hence well considered, judicious. (Fuller contrasts these senses.) ill-advised: injudicious.

5. Of persons: Purposed, determined. Cf. ADVISE 4. Obs.

6. Counselled. See ADVISE v. 9a, and d.

7. Informed, apprised, warned.

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