The Pothunters

First up on the tour through the works of PG Wodehouse is The Pothunters. This was originally published in 1902, according to the information on the copyright page. Before it was a book, however, it was first published as a serial in Public School Magazine in January-March of the same year. This is one that I've … Continue reading The Pothunters

Books in May

Rob Neyer, who (I think) got his start writing books with Bill James, takes his cue from Mr James and calls this book Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Lineups. Despite that, he comes across as having less of an ego than Mr James; though that doesn't seem to be difficult. It's a very interesting … Continue reading Books in May


I posted about none of the books I read in April excepting Judas Unchained and that because it was the sequel to a book I read in March. It's been nearly three weeks without a post in fact. But, since I have about 10 or 11 books that I would normally have reviewed, I'll just … Continue reading Slacking

Mediocre Wodehouse

Which almost always indicates early Wodehouse. A Man of Means is a short collection of six stories originally published serially in Pictorial Review. They were also, apparently, a collaboration with a man named CH Bovill, something I had not elsewhere run across in Wodehouse's work.The book itself wasn't too bad, the language had a familiar … Continue reading Mediocre Wodehouse

Free Audio-books

Found a site, LibriVox, that offers free audio-books for works that are in the public-domain. How is this possible, you ask? Because the books are read by random collections of average Joes, not professionals. Still, it might be worth something if you're looking to listen to a classic book on your iPod or other mobile … Continue reading Free Audio-books

Bank on it.

Finished Wodehouse's Money in the Bank a day or two ago. It was pretty good. Several characters appeared that are in at least one other Wodehouse novel, the hero and heroine were decent, if not stellar and Lord Uffenham was amusing. Romantically, everything worked out in the end, but not all the problems were solved … Continue reading Bank on it.