My employer is paying for me to take a class to aid in my ability to do my job. I came in with high hopes, but, based on the first day (today) I'm not sanguine about the outcome. On this particular topic I've tried auto-didacticism and looking over the lesson plan for this three-day class … Continue reading Schoolin’

Rest in Peace

Arthur C. Clarke died not too long ago and there's a short article in The Atlantic that talks about his opinions on First Things. Where else, if not in a man's obituary ought his thoughts on Life to be considered?----------------Listening to: Cake - Motorcade of Generousity - 13 - Ain't No Goodvia FoxyTunes

New comments

Blogger has enabled commenting using OpenID now. Simply put, if you have a site that uses OpenID, you can log in with that ID and password and it will link your name back to your own site, to your IM client, etc.----------------Listening to: Gilbert and Sullivan - Mikado - 2 - Gentlemen of Japanvia FoxyTunes

Free Audio-books

Found a site, LibriVox, that offers free audio-books for works that are in the public-domain. How is this possible, you ask? Because the books are read by random collections of average Joes, not professionals. Still, it might be worth something if you're looking to listen to a classic book on your iPod or other mobile … Continue reading Free Audio-books