H8rs Gonna H8

What is this compulsion people have, primarily on the internet, but also in the real world, for using unnecessary abbreviations? In some circumstances, indeed, frequent abbreviation makes sense. When one tweets (loathsome term!), one must cut and abbreviate ruthlessly in order to be able to say much at all. But rarely is this necessary in … Continue reading H8rs Gonna H8

Too good to pass up

One of those lovely nonsense-sounding words. Maybe even a Mr T word. "I pity the foo' who tries the old acamarackus on me!" Or, "Mr T don't fall for that old ackamarackus!"ackamarackusslang (orig. U.S.).In phr. the old ackamarackus: a tale or explanation that seeks to convince through deception; a ‘tall’ story, a hackneyed tale; nonsense, … Continue reading Too good to pass up