Trust me.

A short little word, apparently obsolete, with a variety of general and specific meanings.affy, v.Obs.1. trans. To trust, confide (a thing to a person); but from the beginning refl. To confide oneself, trust to, on, or in.2. intr. (by omission of refl. pron.) To confide, trust, rely, put trust. Const. in, rarely on.3. trans. To … Continue reading Trust me.

License to pun

We've all heard someone make a pun on "a frayed knot/afraid not", yeah? Turns out it's not just a stupid joke, the words really are connected.affray, v.Obs. or arch.1. To disturb, or startle, from sleep or quiet, as a sudden noise does; passing into the sense of alarm, as the effect of such startling. arch.b. … Continue reading License to pun

Soundly on the noggin.

When my brothers and I used to cut up in church, my mother would do this with her knuckle. Got my attention, let me tell you. What a great word.affrap, v.Obs. rare.To strike, strike against. (With or without object expressed.)----------------Listening to: Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Live On - 12 - Live Onvia FoxyTunes

A word for Canute.

Equally well applied to my work on this blog, really.æstiferous, a.‘Ebbing and flowing as the tide.’ Bailey, vol. II, 1731. ‘Turbulent as the tide.’ Ash 1775.----------------Listening to: Dryve - Dryve - 12 - Thrifty Mr. Kickstarvia FoxyTunes