A great magazine.

I'm down to one magazine subscription from two now. Actually, I decided against renewing my National Review subscription a while back as a cost-cutting measure, and it was only ever two magazines anyway. And, come to think of it, The New Criterion subscription was a gift. Okay, now that I've wandered far afield and have … Continue reading A great magazine.

A little poetry?

Since it's a New Criterion day, it seems, I'll link to another post. The announcement of the event you can skip since it's already gone by (and was in New York), but scroll down and read the poem. It's one of the rare poems that I enjoy. A rather moving piece, I think.

Fight! Fight!

For those who are not political junkies, you may have missed the recent dust-up following the publication of a book by Dinesh D'Souza. D'Souza is, for those of my readers who do not know, a conservative writer and scholar well-known for his association in his youth with The Dartmouth Review and later with he Heritage … Continue reading Fight! Fight!

Che: Revealed

As part of a review of "Motorcycle Diaries", the movie about the journey across South America made by Alberto Granado and Che Guevara, Anthony Daniels makes some great points about the cult of Che, why it continues and why it should have been smothered at birth. Not only that, but he goes through the movie … Continue reading Che: Revealed

Tolerating The Intolerant

More good stuff from the most recent New Criterion. An interesting article on what "fundamentalism" really is and means.Tolerating the tolerant presents no problems. What do we do, however, when confronted with the intolerant? Should we tolerate the people whom liberals denounce as racists, sexists, homophobes, indeed even “judgmentalists”? In actual fact, liberals are highly … Continue reading Tolerating The Intolerant