Military prediction

"(The attempt of the United States to make military service attractive by offering high pay, free college education, and other benefits looks suspiciously like bribing the child with candy.)"~ p. 124Ideas Have ConsequencesI was reading through some saved drafts on my blog and came across this quotation from Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences. (A marvelous … Continue reading Military prediction

Things extra

I learned this word when I was younger because of my interest in things military. It stuck in my head and has remained ever since though I have little occasion to use it.accoutrement1. Apparel, outfit, equipment. Almost always in the pl., clothes, trappings, equipments. Milit. The equipments of a soldier other than arms and dress.2. … Continue reading Things extra

On the defensive

An interesting military term that I don't recall seeing before. Also of note is that only the most recent reference given by the OED (out of six) uses the spelling given by the OED. The rest either double the "b" or the "t".abatisMilit.A defence constructed by placing felled trees lengthwise one over the other with … Continue reading On the defensive

As Promised

A brief note on War and Our World by John Keegan. The book itself is merely a collection of lectures delivered by Keegan on the topic on which he is expert, war. He does have interesting things to say about war and military history and the future of warfare, but I think he is altogether … Continue reading As Promised

Bookly Things

I don't think I'm going to quite match last month's total of 19, but I should finish one or two more books this month to reach 17 or 18. Respectable enough. Ah, for the lost opportunities of January.The only book I've read recently that was new to me was Dixie Betrayed by David Eicher, and, … Continue reading Bookly Things

Army and Navy

I'm confused by this article. Not because it is unclear in any way. I'm just not sure if I should be pleased that my nation's Army cadets can successfully infiltrate a military facility and remove a 170 pound object without being noticed or disappointed because my nation's Naval midshipmen cannot keep their own academy secure … Continue reading Army and Navy