Ancient History

Literally. I finally finished reading Herodotus' The Histories and it was very, very good. It's a bit of a difficult read since it is written in a style that isn't familiar to modern eyes, but the stories are interesting even if the translator of my edition didn't believe half of them. Herodotus is known for … Continue reading Ancient History

History? Or Not?

I hadn't really heard much about it, but it seems the History Channel has been going downhill. (I had noticed that it didn't seem nearly as interesting as it once did.) Among their latest indiscretions: taking seriously a claim that LBJ masterminded the murder of JFK. When called on it, the History Channel said it … Continue reading History? Or Not?

Old Voices

A very interesting site. (Which I found because of a discussion in the Corner about the pitch of politician's voices.) You can listen to clips of 20 different US Presidents speaking. Some of whom I didn't realize were ever recorded. Very interesting to browse. It's a sample of the Voice Library at Michigan State University. … Continue reading Old Voices

Literary Update

Finished The Road to Serfdom this weekend. Excellent book, though his last couple chapters were a bit weak. Still, it's a book every high school student ought to read. If not then, then in college. I'm working on President Kennedy: Profile of Power full time now. Though that may change when the books I requested … Continue reading Literary Update

Literary Update

Started in on Road to Serfdom by Hayek a couple days ago. Great book so far. I'm definitely going to have to buy my own copy. He does an excellent job of making the case of socialism being incompatible with liberty as well as showing how Nazism and Communism were closely related. I'm about halfway … Continue reading Literary Update