It Begins

My vacation, that is. I just left work and I'm not headed back until October. Saturday I fly out to meet my dad for a tour of baseball where we'll see six games in six days at six different parks. (We'll actually see seven games at seven parks, but the seventh game isn't consecutive with … Continue reading It Begins

A Beautiful Day

My elder daughter had her third birthday today. It wasn't a frantic, frenetic day. We didn't throw an enormous party and spend too much money and time chasing small children around our apartment. No, that's never been my idea of fun, neither as a child nor as an adult. I sincerely hope it will never … Continue reading A Beautiful Day


My wife went off to some sort of wild knitting revels tonight, which meant that I had to put both girls to bed myself. The outcome? Both down on time, and no crying! The Lord be praised for small mercies.----------------Listening to: Cake - Comfort Eagle - 03 - Shadow Stabbingvia FoxyTunes

Sugar and Butter

They are two of the foundation ingredients in holiday goodness. We're a little late getting around to it, but my wife and I made baklava tonight as well as an extra batch of buckeyes. (Well, mostly. The buckeyes still need to be dipped in chocolate.)