Three Books

I've finished three books recently, all new ones to me, and all three were worth my time. The first was The Greatest Game Ever Played, a golf story about the 1913 US Open. This book was subsequently made into a movie, and one can easily understand why even after hearing only the synopsis. Francis Ouimet, … Continue reading Three Books


I've been re-reading quite a bit of Raymond Chandler's work lately, though I did read a book collection of his short stories recently, all of which were new to me. I'm enjoying it and finding that there are few, if any, of his novels that I have not yet read, though when I was looking … Continue reading Books

Four Books

Since I last wrote about the books I'd been reading, I've read Death in a White Tie, Death in Ecstasy, Grave Mistake, and Letters to an American Lady. The first three are by Ngaio Marsh and the last is by CS Lewis.Death in a White Tie wasn't too bad, but I pegged the murderer with … Continue reading Four Books