Thanks be to God.

Thanksgiving yesterday was a good day. Spent most of the afternoon and evening with friends.I've been thinking a bit about Thanksgiving and find it odd (though not necessarily bad, I guess) that people without a faith in God still celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas, oddly enough, is easier to understand with all the secular hoopla that's been … Continue reading Thanks be to God.


As my wife has noted, I'm taking a few days off of work to help with various and sundry things around the house. Christmas will be here in about 3 weeks and sometime over the next month or so our second child will arrive as well. So there's plenty to be done. We bought our … Continue reading Christmas

Don’t be a blockhead.

An interesting article about the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Apparently a bunch of the people who worked on it thought it would bomb because it didn't use a laugh track, ended with Linus quoting Scripture, used real kids for the voices and other unconventional things. Wrong. It's still a great Christmas show.