Really, OED? Really?

The word is fine; I learned first from reading Patrick O'Brian's marvelous novels. What really gets under my skin is that the OED is citing Twitter for usage. Okay, it's the internet era, but Twitter? Really? We're all on a bobsled to Gehenna, friends.ahoo, adv. and adj.A. adv.†1. Unjustly, wrongfully; in error. Cf. mid or with … Continue reading Really, OED? Really?

Forget the Definition

The real gem here is one of the sources referenced for usage. I enjoy knowing that there's a book out there that was written with this title.aheight, adv.Now Eng. regional (north-east.)  At or to a height; above, aloft.1969   S. Dobson Larn Yersel Geordie 25   He up wi' 'is deppity's stick hoyin' it reet up ahight.

The Pothunters

First up on the tour through the works of PG Wodehouse is The Pothunters. This was originally published in 1902, according to the information on the copyright page. Before it was a book, however, it was first published as a serial in Public School Magazine in January-March of the same year. This is one that I've … Continue reading The Pothunters