Caught up!

Okay, so I don't have a post for today up yet, but that's okay. It will be here later this evening. But now I have posts for all the days I missed and I'm gonna put them in just a minute. I will endeavor not to fall so far behind again. Apologies and all that.

Catching up.

I fell behind there a bit over the past week or so. I plead illness. And reader indifference. No one comments, few read, so I figured it would be little missed if I took a brief hiatus. On the other hand, I hate to miss days, so I've caught myself up with some backdating. Enjoy.

Aching addendum

Some more information about the altering of the conventional forms and pronunciation of the word "ache" is found in the etymology of the verb. Dr Johnson seems not to have been quite the infallible sage some think him to be.[Originally a strong vb. of same class as take, shake, but with weak inflections since 4. … Continue reading Aching addendum