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The Drop: Sin and Redemption

The trailer for The Drop fooled me about what kind of movie I was getting into. Initially I believed it was a heist film. It’s certainly not that. There’s a few brief moments where one would think it was a gangster film. Which on the surface, I suppose, it is. But at its heart it’s a movie about one of my favorite topics for film: humanity and the problem of evil.

Free Blog Post

Free Guy then, isn’t maybe my usual cinema-going fare, but after not going to the movies for a couple years, the bar was lowered and I’d have gone to see anything with a reasonable chance of enjoyment. Even another *shudder* MCU film.

I’m Back

Decided it was time to open the blog back up, since I do have a job now. On the agenda: finishing up the Movies You Might Have Missed (I didn’t write the last 4 after getting laid off last year), writing some more about baseball (been to a few games this year so far), adding … Continue reading I’m Back

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