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MLB Rule Changes

I dunno. No one cares what I think, and I sure won’t change anything by complaining. But I haven’t been to an MLB game since they started tinkering with all this kind of thing during the Covid panic. I guess I might still go; I’d like to finish visiting all the teams in their home…

Baseball and Maps

To that end then I’ve made a couple maps. They’re not complete and I put them together myself, so if you spot any errors I’d be grateful for corrections. Both maps are still works in progress.

Favorite Movies A-Z: High and Low

Kurosawa has many opportunities to show off his mastery of cinematography and shot composition with plenty of intricate scenes involving large numbers of actors. It’s also a real treat to see both Mifune and Nakadai showing off their talents for the great director even if they fewer interactions than an enthusiast might wish. If all…

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