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Favorite Movies A-Z: Cool Hand Luke

Luke’s code is simple, he refuses to bend the knee to any man for any reason. Luke doesn’t want to rule, he wants not to be ruled; he is unruly.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Casablanca

This is, according a range of folks who are in a position to make an informed judgement, the greatest movie ever made. I’m not sure that’s my opinion, but it’s a very good movie in a lot of ways. It’s a great movie to be sure. And while it’s not my pick for greatest ever, I’d probably go so far as to agree that it’s the greatest popular film ever made.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Bourne Identity

Someone comes along and makes a perfectly acceptable movie. Let’s say it’s called, oh, I don’t know… John Matrix. It’s probably even a good movie. It has a decent plot, competent directing, a few stars giving a good performance, and it manages a good box office. Yay! It’s a hit.

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