Favorite Movies A-Z: Cool Hand Luke

Luke’s code is simple, he refuses to bend the knee to any man for any reason. Luke doesn’t want to rule, he wants not to be ruled; he is unruly.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Casablanca

This is, according a range of folks who are in a position to make an informed judgement, the greatest movie ever made. I’m not sure that’s my opinion, but it’s a very good movie in a lot of ways. It’s a great movie to be sure. And while it’s not my pick for greatest ever, I’d probably go so far as to agree that it’s the greatest popular film ever made.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Bourne Identity

Someone comes along and makes a perfectly acceptable movie. Let’s say it’s called, oh, I don’t know… John Matrix. It’s probably even a good movie. It has a decent plot, competent directing, a few stars giving a good performance, and it manages a good box office. Yay! It’s a hit.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Blues Brothers

Overall the feel is like that of Ocean’s Eleven; everyone seems to be having a great time making an enjoyable film without too many pretensions. We all know that it’s ridiculous, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun nevertheless.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Blade Runner

It’s worth noting too that this film’s primary question is not “are replicants people too?”, but rather “how and why do people refuse to recognize them as such”? That Roy and his companions are human should be beyond debate. Why then does society refuse to accept this? Beware! Follow those answers too assiduously and you my find they have uncomfortable implications. As a result, however, even should technological progress make the setting seem quaint someday, I think Blade Runner will always feel relevant because its themes are so…human.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Big Sleep

What seems simple on the surface turns out to be less so, since as soon as Marlowe starts digging into the tale of blackmail people start turning up dead in his path and the mystery deepens and broadens to encompass a lot more than just a few gambling debts.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Best in Show

The plot of the film is simple and mundane; just as in many actual documentaries the drama and interest (and here, humor) comes from the characters and their quirks, foibles, and interactions. Five dogs and their owners and handlers travel to Philadelphia to compete in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.

Favorite Films A-Z: Ben-Hur

Based on a novel by Lew Wallace (sometime Civil War general, governor of the New Mexico territory and envoy to the Ottoman empire) the movie is about a wealthy Jew in Palestine seeking revenge for a severe injustice.

Favorite Films A-Z: The Bad Sleep Well

The Bad Sleep Well is a Kurosawa that doesn’t feel like a typical Kurosawa movie. Known mostly here for samurai films set in or near the sengoku jidai period of Japanese history, Kurosawa has crafted a contemporary crime thriller about corruption in government and business and one man’s quixotic quest for revenge and justice.

Favorite Films A-Z: Brick

There’s murder, mystery, love, and betrayal; all filtered through the setting of a California high school shortly after the turn of the century.


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