The Drop: Sin and Redemption

The trailer for The Drop fooled me about what kind of movie I was getting into. Initially I believed it was a heist film. It’s certainly not that. There’s a few brief moments where one would think it was a gangster film. Which on the surface, I suppose, it is. But at its heart it’s a movie about one of my favorite topics for film: humanity and the problem of evil.

Free Blog Post

Free Guy then, isn’t maybe my usual cinema-going fare, but after not going to the movies for a couple years, the bar was lowered and I’d have gone to see anything with a reasonable chance of enjoyment. Even another *shudder* MCU film.

I’m Back

Decided it was time to open the blog back up, since I do have a job now. On the agenda: finishing up the Movies You Might Have Missed (I didn’t write the last 4 after getting laid off last year), writing some more about baseball (been to a few games this year so far), adding … Continue reading I’m Back

Not a Tweet: Mae West

I don’t understand the Mae West phenomenon. Partly maybe it’s because she didn’t make any films until she was 40. From her iMDB bio she was vamping men since 14. The double-entendres are mildly entertaining. I’m happy she gave Cary Grant his big break. But she seems…tame? No, that’s not right. Perhaps she just tries … Continue reading Not a Tweet: Mae West

Movies You Might Have Missed: Metropolitan

Whit Stillman is not a man who makes a lot of movies. He’s only made about a half-dozen, mostly with budgets on the lower end of the spectrum and produced independently. While I’m dismissive of Joe Carter’s recommendations on pop-culture, particularly via Twitter, but I’ll always be in his debt for prompting me to check out the films of Stillman. He quotes Stillman’s films relatively often, and the “attractive to women” was particularly successful at piquing my interest.

Movies You Might Have Missed: The Fallen Idol

Title: The Fallen IdolRelease Date: 1948Rating: N/ALength: 95 minutesDirector: Carole ReedStarring: Ralph Richardson, Michèle Morgan, Sonia DresdelLanguage: EnglishCountry: UK What a great film this is. It’s criminally unknown and for a while was out of print entirely (still is in the US). I’ve seen DVD copies selling for more than $100. Your best bet for watching … Continue reading Movies You Might Have Missed: The Fallen Idol

Movies You Might Have Missed: Full Time Killer

On the surface this is a bit of a silly film about competing assassins with the wild and crazy new guy trying to knock the calm, cool, professional #1 off his perch. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find…that’s exactly all this is. It doesn’t need to be any more, though. Sometimes you like to just watch a simple story about two men playing a cat and mouse game trying to kill each other in ludicrous ways.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Rowdy Rathore

The movie is fantastic, in all the senses of the word. The action is over-the-top in the best action movie manner. There are several absolutely out of place song and dance numbers, in the best Bollywood tradition. The comedy is really broad and completely comprehensible to a Western audience. The biggest “flaw” is that the emotional beats are so exaggerated as to be almost laughable.

Waiting For the Other Shoe

There’s no official word yet. Because of course there isn’t. The only official word will be the final word, until then it’s all hearsay, speculation, rumor, suspicion. The unofficial word in the ether is that the official word comes down Monday. Indeed, depending on how the legal accounting of such things is done, it either … Continue reading Waiting For the Other Shoe


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