MLB Rule Changes

I dunno. No one cares what I think, and I sure won’t change anything by complaining. But I haven’t been to an MLB game since they started tinkering with all this kind of thing during the Covid panic. I guess I might still go; I’d like to finish visiting all the teams in their home…

Baseball and Maps

To that end then I’ve made a couple maps. They’re not complete and I put them together myself, so if you spot any errors I’d be grateful for corrections. Both maps are still works in progress.

Favorite Movies A-Z: High and Low

Kurosawa has many opportunities to show off his mastery of cinematography and shot composition with plenty of intricate scenes involving large numbers of actors. It’s also a real treat to see both Mifune and Nakadai showing off their talents for the great director even if they fewer interactions than an enthusiast might wish. If all…

Favorite Movies A-Z: Heat

Heat might seem like a crime drama detailing the efforts of the LAPD to bring a crew of armed robbers to justice. And, sure, it is, but that’s not all it is. It’s also an examination of how single-minded obsession can lead to professional success at tremendous personal cost.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Hidden Blade

You don’t want to miss this movie; and if you don’t want to miss my thoughts on it, you can read what I wrote for it when I did my list of Movies You Might Have Missed.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Hamlet (1996)

It’s not necessary to sell the story for this film; it is the Bard, after all and one of his most acclaimed plays upon which this is based. Really, with Shakespeare it should only be necessary to sell the particular rendition of the story in question.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Really though, it’s probably pointless to carp. However justified and correct any of these criticisms might be, what results is much more than the sum of its parts. Leone made a genre-redefining Western and an all-time great film.

Favorite Movies A-Z: Get Shorty

This is a movie from a simpler time. Not a Golden Age of film; perhaps not even a Silver Age. But one that is a distinct and good period. One might call it the soft-R, small budget era. It was a time when one could make an R-rated comedy with a bit of a brain…

Favorite Movies A-Z: Get Low

There’s so much to enjoy about this movie, from the setting, actors (Murray’s performance is on par with that in Lost in Translation), and small touches like the relationship between Buddy and his family.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Gay Divorcee

One of the classic pairings of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, it has a fine supporting cast of comic actors around them. Since it’s a stage musical brought to film, other than a few establishing shots, everything is clearly done on a studio lot. And beyond a big theatrical number or two, the dancing is…


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