Baseball and Maps

Off and on over the last few summers I’ve been working on trying to get to every MLB stadium with my dad. (We’re about halfway done; hopefully we have enough time to finish.) During one of our trips we found ourselves with some time between MLB games and (crucially) we weren’t exhausted from the road trip between cities. On a lark we decided to check out a local MiLB game or two and it was a real treat. Which eventually got me to thinking, there are probably a lot of small minor league or college baseball teams out there and it would be nice to know where they are relative to where I am when I travel so I could maybe sneak a little more baseball into my life.

To that end then I’ve made a couple maps. They’re not complete and I put them together myself, so if you spot any errors I’d be grateful for corrections. Both maps are still works in progress. I don’t know anything about any Canadian schools, so they’re absent. (Do they play baseball up in the frozen North?) And the DIII schools are going to be a headache to organize. (I’ve been color-coding by conference for DI and DII.)

On the professional side, I haven’t yet included any Central or South American teams, and with the number of layers available in Google Maps, I might need to split the pro map into a two and divide it by hemisphere or something. Both maps have pins on the fields themselves; I figure if you’re using it to visit, you can just get tickets at the box office.

Anyway, If you have any interest in baseball teams and learning where they are, check them out and, as I said above, any feedback is welcome. College Baseball and Professional Baseball

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