Favorite Movies A-Z: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey first made his bones by being an insanely frenetic, rubber-faced comic. There seemed no limit to the lengths of silliness he would explore in search of laughs. But the man isn't without intelligence and, more to the point, an inclination for introspection. This has led to him later in his career appearing more and more frequently in films that are far less comic and considerably more serious in tone than those that really launched his career.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Empire Strikes Back

Perhaps it falls under "damning with faint praise", but this is the best movie in what has become a sprawling, bloated, incomprehensible monstrosity of a "universe". It's a relic of a leaner, more thoughtful, artistic time. It might be lacking, but it had aspirations and made the effort and I'll always have a soft spot for fine craftsmanship even if it doesn't quite rise to the level of art.

Favorite Movies A-Z: The Emperor’s New Groove

There are some serious plot holes, but if you're coming to a Disney animated film for strict narrative consistency, well that seems like a reason for some introspection on your part. The movie follows a pretty simple plot, at least in the broad strokes: spoiled royal learns virtue and humility through adversity and companionship with a noble peasant. The genius is in the details and in the characters.