Fictional Baseball – FIB Update 4

Spring Training is over! The predicted top and bottom teams are on, but the middle of the pack has shifted a bit. Turns out, I was right, the pre-season predictions reset. But before we look at the new predictions, let’s take a look at the originals.

And here’s the revised predictions after the end of Spring Training.

Manchester BC is the big winner coming out of Spring Training and Brussels and Nice appear to be the big losers.

I’m a bit surprised that Busz fell off the list of predicted top hitters, but who knows how well the prediction function works for individual players. Some of the math at small sample sizes appears wonky (WAR calculations in particular).

Hinojosa is also doing well, most categories that Busz leads in are ones that he is second or third. Less power, more OBP.

And those hitter numbers aren’t the only reason you can tell it’s going to be a tough season for pitchers. The top 10 (11, really) pitchers in spring are below, and by the time you get to 10 ERAs are over 3.50.

On to the regular season!

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