Fictional Baseball – FIB Update 3

One more week of Spring Training down, one more week to go (but only a handful of games per team). I think the preseason predictions will reset after the end of Spring Training, but I’m not sure. Spring standings are pretty close to the first prediction with Manchester BC doing a bit better and Lyon doing a bit worse.

Busz is still killing it; he leads in BA, SLG, H, TB, RBI, and is second in HR, OPS, third in R. Tores Riegi is also doing quite well, he’s second in most of the categories Busz leads and first in OPS and OBP.

Pitchers are having a much rougher time (as you might guess by some of those numbers the top batters are putting up). Only a handful of starters still have ERAs under 3, and most are above 4. Etienne Sinatra’s injury is an ankle sprain; 5-6 weeks on the DL.

Excited to get the season started.

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