Fictional Baseball – FIB Update 1

I ran the sim through a week of spring training and the teams have played games through March 3, 1920. It’s not precisely following the predictions, but the Paris clubs do bracket the rest from the top and bottom of the standings. I don’t expect the offense to be high-powered since the historical strategy and player-development settings are set to 1920, but we’ll see.

It doesn’t look like the sim collects stats in quite the same way for spring training, so it’s not as easy to look at the team totals for runs score, etc. I probably won’t mess with that too much in this first attempt, but I put a few notable players below the jump.

Elmar Busz, Chelsea’s 2B, and Simone Andreucci, the 1B who plays for Les Hussards, are both off to blazing starts from the plate.

Busz has 2 HRs and 12 RBI in 7 games and is hitting a torrid .611. Andreucci is 9 for 13 in 5 games, but is day-to-day with an abdominal strain.

Most of the pitchers have struggled a bit to start the season, but among the 9 pitchers to make 2 starts so far, Cyrille Ciappara has had the most success. Ciappara has not given up any runs in 8 innings of work for Manchester and only allowed a WHIP of 0.88. Heinz Brown and Benjamin Chevrier have 2.25 ERAs for Amsterdam and Paris respectively, each in 8 innings and Chelsea’s Robert van der Geld has has given up 2 earned across 8.1.

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