Movies You Might Have Missed: Dead Reckoning

Humphrey Bogart doesn't always play a "tough guy", but his characters are almost always pretty tough. In Dead Reckoning he's cabbie "Rip" Murdock returning from Europe at the end of the Second World War where he served with distinction as a paratrooper. (Plenty tough.) Bogart (an officer), and one of his NCOs, Sgt. Drake, discover in the first scene why they're coming home a little bit ahead of the rest of their unit. Bogie isn't above snooping through the papers of the Lt. Col. escorting them and finds in them that Drake is getting the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor and Bogart is up for a slightly lesser award.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Locke

Locke is a movie that could almost have been a one-man stage play. The "action" is contained within an automobile and the dialogue is all via cell-phone conversations. The challenge would be adjusting the dialogue to be sensible with only half of each conversation audible. Regardless, this is another impressive performance by Tom Hardy in the title role.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Disorder

Alice Winocour manages to create a film that is disorienting and confusing just enough that one begins to feel the uncertainty that plagues Matthias Schoenaerts' character Vincent throughout the film. We begin with soldiers and quickly learn that Vincent is suffering from some minor injuries after returning from fighting in the Middle East or maybe Afghanistan. Beyond this, however, Vincent is desperately trying to hide the serious psychological effects of his PTSD so that he can be sent back on another tour. Why would he want to go back to a place that has traumatized him so?

Movies You Might Have Missed: How to Steal a Million

If I'm honest, I've never been a fan of Peter O'Toole. On the other hand, I've always been a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. So that seems to even out, but this is also a heist movie and if there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's a heist movie. Plus, Eli Wallach and Hugh Griffith appear in strong supporting roles and they're great too. Taking one thing with another, this comes out ahead. And that's without reckoning with the fact that it's hilarious.