Movies You Might Have Missed: In Bruges

Put the kids to bed before you watch this one. Martin McDonagh tends to make darkly comic films. (His brother does much the same thing, but with a different balance between the darkness and comedy.) This, his first full-length film, is no exception. Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are both In Bruges as the movie begins. They're not sure why, exactly, and neither are we. Someone's been killed, and now they're in Bruges.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Sword of the Beast

Sword of the Beast is an interesting film and rather subtle in some ways. The broader strokes of the plot are a bit obvious at times, but the film's construction is clever and well-executed. It also, for anyone instinctively expecting Hays Code restraint in a black and white film, repeatedly surprises by its willingness to "go there". Admittedly, this is more in the subject matter than in explicit depiction on screen, but it still felt surprising to me.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Brick

Rian Johnson is a fellow who has failed of his promise, I guess. If one is only familiar with one of his movies, then it's almost certainly The Last Jedi. One is also likely to have strong feelings about that. Before this, he made a decent time-travel themed movie: Looper and a decent movie about heists and con-men: The Brothers Bloom. Before both of those, however, he made his first movie.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Murder, My Sweet

I tend to be a sucker for movies about private eyes, mystery, etc. The whole classic noir thing. Murder, My Sweet is an adaptation of the classic Raymond Chandler novel Farewell, My Lovely. In broad strokes, private eye Philip Marlowe is shanghaied by an enormous ex-con into looking for the girl he lost touch with when he was sent to prison. Some other subplots obtrude, but it all ties together nicely in the end.