Lost Words

It shouldn’t bother me like it does, but I’m quite annoyed about losing a couple of the short essays I’ve written for future installments of Movies You Might Have Missed. I’ve been writing them ahead and am getting close to having the full year completed.

On the one hand, they’re fairly easily replaceable and I won’t need them until June, if I stick with my current plan. They’re not long, I enjoy writing them and they’re for a couple movies I own, so even if I were to need to refresh my memory by watching them again, that’s not so much trouble either.

On the other hand, I just hate losing words. They’re not words of even long-term importance to anyone besides myself, but the idea of writing thoughts down and then losing them before they’re used for their intended purpose gets under my skin. This probably has to do with my (mild!) obsession with words. Some things having to do with language are just…right. Fitting, maybe is more apt, and when words fail in that however it happens it feels off. Like a shirt that doesn’t quite fit.

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