Movies You Might Have Missed: The Glass Key

Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake starred together in four noir (or noir-ish) films in the 1940's. Ladd plays his typical tough-guy role, Lake does her part as the femme fatale and though the ending is Hollywood, it's recognizably in the neighborhood of noir. Who knows, maybe they did so well as star-crossed lovers in rough circumstances because they both had the same sort of darkness inside that led each to basically drink themselves to death.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Kinamand

Kinamand might be the most difficult movie to watch of all the films on my list of semi-obscure movies. It has nothing to do with the content, but rather that it never received either a theatrical release in the US. If you're lucky, Netflix will still have a copy of it on DVD or decide to add it to their streaming offerings. If you choose to buy a disc, you'll need a region-free player. Seize the chance if it offers, however; it's a good movie. On the surface, it's not much more than a basic fish-out-of-water rom-com, but it ends up a bit more than that largely because it doesn't try too hard to be a bit more than that.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Deception

How could you go wrong with Bette Davis, Claude Rains, and Paul Henreid? You can't. It's not the best picture for any of them, but it's darn good and annoying that it's out of print. It's too good to fade away. (Oh, do be sure you get the film from 1946, there are a number of others with the same name which will probably pop up first on any search you do.)

Movies You Might Have Missed: I Love You Again

A screwball comedy which opens with strait-laced, teetotaler(!) Powell returning to the US by boat when a mishap leads to a blow on the head. A minor grifter falls overboard with him and Powell gets a knock from the life-preserver. This does not, however, cause amnesia as you might suspect. In a clever twist it cures the amnesia from which he was already suffering for the past 9 years and returns Powell to himself as...a con man!