Movies You Might Have Missed: The Preview

The 17th(!) anniversary of this blog is coming up next month; it’s seen a few changes over the years. I started out posting an awful lot. The first 5 years saw about 200 posts a year and there was a lot of short linking to political stories. No longer. Still, I do miss being quite as prolific as that and the rise of Facebook and Twitter have definitively dethroned the blog from it’s place of primacy in the online world. (Heck, I almost averaged a post a day in 2007.) But disillusionment set in, as it will do, and I walked away from the whole thing for about 3 years between 2009-2012.

Can’t stop writing though, and it’s hard to kill the idea that someone out there might actually even want to read what I write. Comments sections are a cesspool, and I’m not sorry that I took mine down, but it would be nice to converse with people about these ideas. Be that as it may, here’s what’s I’ve been thinking about for where to go with this blog.

2018 taught me that I need to plan out in advance what I’m going to write about or I’m not going to do any real writing here on the blog. I put up about a post a month or a little better for another 5 years before getting the bright(?) idea at the end of 2017 to post a Basho haiku every week throughout 2018. No one else cared, but I had fun. (I even chose them by theme to match the seasons of the year.)

2019 rolls around I’m back to the fallow place I was before; (not that the haiku were really from my brain) only 5 posts this year before this one. So, I concocted another plan. It’s going to be another fun (for me) weekly post, but this time about movies. They’re not all going to be great movies. They’re not all going to be obscure movies or movies you haven’t heard of. Hopefully, they will partake at least a little from each of these categories, but not wholly.

The idea is to write about a movie that most people haven’t seen and suggest that it’s worth their time. If you’re a cinephile, there will be maybe less here for you than the average moviegoer, but that’s okay. This is really aimed at the person who likes movies, but maybe doesn’t have a great idea of how to go about finding more obscure and still enjoyable films. You’re a busy person, there are only so many hours in the day, and it’s nice to have a suggestion ready to hand when you’re making some film choices.

Thus, Movies You Might Have Missed. They’re not all going to be movies you haven’t seen; that’s hardly possible if you like movies and the choices still need to be worthwhile. They’re not all going to be to your taste; and that’s okay too. I’m not a film critic, but maybe that’s a plus in this case. Feel free to write me and let me know what you think. (Okay, I know no one will do this, but a guy can dream.) I’ll put up one a week, probably on Mondays.

Most of the films will be reasonably easy to find and watch, as long as you’re able to obtain a DVD either through Netflix, Amazon, or perhaps your local library. Streaming is the death of film and needs to be killed, frankly, since I don’t think it will reform. Too many movies that aren’t recent and big-budget just don’t get onto streaming platforms.

Anyway, I hope it proves useful and/or enjoyable to a least a couple people. I certainly enjoyed the writing.

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