Return to Broodhollow

Once upon a time I wrote a post about my admiration and respect for the work of Kris Straub and, in part, what seemed like a serious oversight in his epic comic Broodhollow. It was important that, if it came to his attention (which, in fact, it did!), that he not take it the wrong way (he didn’t!). It wasn’t that I thought it was bad, or that it marred his work irreparably, but simply that something was missing.

You can read the original post, but in reviewing some of the older strips now that he’s started again on Book 3, I’ve gone back and reviewed the book in light of my original comments on religion. I think I’ve found the only explicit reference to “God”. Moreover, I think it might have been an oversight in the writing, since’s a casual blasphemy in panel 2 of a short (6 page) story that was originally only printed at the end of hard copies of Book 1, but later put on the web during the fallow period that Kris hit after finishing Book 2.

There are other, rather more oblique, references, but this is the only outright one. Mayor Osgood uses “Zeus on Olympus” as one of this quaint exclamations (5th panel of page 24, panel 1 of page 34, others). Neptune comes in for a mention on page 72.  Zane asks if a holiday just mentioned is similar to Easter (panel 1 of page 25 ). Maurice mentions the devil in passing (page 54, panel 1).

I’m dubious about whether this will ever get finished. I don’t doubt his desire to conclude this, but I wonder if it’ll be feasible. He seems to be doing more remunerative work elsewhere and his creative energy seems to be in other projects. Can’t fault him for that; gotta pay those bills and inspiration (I’m told, not being terribly creative myself) is a fickle mistress. Still, I really think this is his best work of his career and it would be unfortunate to leave it hanging in mid-air and incomplete.

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