Not Shooting the Messenger

It’s kinda nice to know there’s a word out there that means the opposite of blaming someone who brings bad news.

albricia, n.

Compare Catalan albixena (late 13th cent.), albíxera (14th cent. or earlier), etc. (often in plural; compare albricies (plural), Portuguese alvissara (13th cent.).
Arabic bišāra (in Spanish Arabic usually bušāra) is ultimately < bašara to rejoice, to be delighted, to be happy; compare baššara to announce (something) as good news. The form of the Spanish word suggests borrowing of the Arabic word via an unattested colloquial Arabic variant *bišrā; compare the attested variants bušr, bušrā.

Now hist.

In Spain or Spanish contexts: a reward given to a messenger bearing good news. Usually in plural.

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