Cool It

Each definition is rare or obsolete, but that just means you can save your breath to cool your porridge.Okay, look, all the jokes can't be good. You have to expect that once in a while.akele, v.1. trans.a. To make cold, to cool. Also fig.: †to make less ardent, vigorous, or vital, to assuage, quench (obs.). … Continue reading Cool It

Japanese Wood

For @galooticus (on Twitter) who's a wood-worker and appreciates a good double-entendre. Also, generally a good bloke and one of the few people likely to see this post.aka-matsu, n.The Japanese red pine, Pinus densiflora, a valuable ornamental and timber tree with reddish wood; the timber itself. Cf. O-MATSU n.

Political Poetry

This is, basically, every English professor's dream: foreign, historical poetry by an oppressed people where the subtext is the only thing that matters.aisling, n.A type of allegorical poem in the Irish language, often serving as a vehicle for political or social comment, which depicts the poet's conversation with a spirit woman who is usually a … Continue reading Political Poetry

Seems Unnecessary

I like a lot of the feminine forms of familiar words. This one seems like a stretch, even to me. But, I've kinda developed a tendency to include any and all unusual feminine words like this, so here ya go.aideress, n.Obs. rare.A female helper.

Joe Green To You

Given the date of origin and the word itself, it must be related to the Verdi opera, but the actual connection is, as the etymology notes, "unclear". Cool word, though.Good opera, too.Aida, n.Although the chronology suggests a connection with Verdi's opera, the reason for this is now unclear...Needlework and Embroidery.A loosely woven linen cloth with … Continue reading Joe Green To You