Words and Things

A long time ago (10+ years, I think), I ran a blog for a while that chronicled my reading through the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s long gone (and now the URL is taken over by a different website), but I integrated the posts I made there to this blog’s history. If anyone cared you can find them (and a few other odds and ends) by doing a label search on “language”.

I’m going to restart my read through the OED (which got interrupted the first time when I changed jobs) and post here the interesting, odd, unusual, or otherwise remarkable words. This blog isn’t one where I envisioned that the bulk of the posts would be scheduled in advance, and it bothers me a little bit, it looks like this is the only way I can really post significant quantities of material that is interesting to me and that I want to share.

The haikus will continue to post Mondays, but I’m going to see if I can maintain a schedule of Wednesday/Friday postings for words from the OED. Like the haikus, they’re not going to be long posts with a great deal of commentary from me, but short snippets of things in passing. We’ll see how it goes.

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