Legit Technobabble

If the writers on Star Trek never used this term, they darn well should have. The definition is straight out of the nonsense technobabble for which the show was known; all it needs is a reference to a Jeffries tube.Aharonov-Bohm, n.Physics.  attrib. Designating an effect whereby charged particles travelling round a region containing magnetic flux … Continue reading Legit Technobabble

Many and Varied Uses

Such a range of meaning for so small a word.ah, int.An exclamation expressing, according to the intonation, various emotions, as1. Sorrow, lamentation, regret, passing into the regretful expression of a vain wish. (Actual pain or suffering is now more commonly expressed by O! Oh! North. dial. have a (eː) in both senses.)2. Surprise, wonder, admiration.In … Continue reading Many and Varied Uses