A Great Day for Baseball

On Saturday evening I was able to go to the M’s game against the A’s and use the company’s season tickets. Well, a couple of them. I’m not sure how many they have. The ones I got to use were the really, really good ones though. How good? Well, I was next to the visitor’s dugout, not behind it, but beside it. And in the front row with only a camera well between me and the action. I do think I was closer to home plate than the pitcher was. It was… amazing.

It was unfortunate, though not terribly unexpected, that the Mariners lost 4-3, though they had a couple of good scoring chances with men on base in both the 8th and 9th innings. But the beauty of baseball, one of them, is that you can still enjoy yourself at the game even when your team loses. Not so much as when it wins, of course, but there is a greater degree of fatalism that comes with being a baseball fan. The Cubs cannot do well, this is sad, but as it must be. The Yankees will frequently do well. Again, sad, but the divinely ordered nature of things. Also, Yankees fans are jerks and so are Red Sox fans, but I digress.

I will, of course, go to other games and sit in lesser seats, but, boy howdy! do those seats right up front spoil a fellow.

I posted some other pictures on Twitter after I got home that night, which I won’t replicate here, but I was pleased to see that at least one player on each team was old school enough to wear their pants short and their socks tall. Now if someone would just bring back those stirrups… (That’s actually linked from a pretty cool blog, Uni Watch.)

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