I don’t normally do this.

But I have a New Year’s resolution of sorts. I’m usually opposed to such things, but this is a long-standing ambition of mine and I think I’m going to take a serious crack at it this year. I’m going to try to read 200 books in 2013. I’ve never gotten through more than about 175 or so in any year where I kept track. I’m up to 130 so far this year, so I’m well off my usual pace, which is in the 150-160 range. If I can get through 16 or 17 books each month, I can do it.

So, a little planning. I’ll plan to read through my collection of Wodehouse, as well as re-read the Master and Commander series. That’s about half of what I need to read right there. I’ve decided to start on the mystery novels of Margery Allingham (apparently she is a Golden Age mystery author that was coeval with Sayers and Christie, but is largely forgotten now) which is about another 20 or so (I think, maybe it’s more). I’m not sure how many Erle Stanley Gardner mysteries I can get my hands on, but those are fun reads too. Of course I need to re-read LOTR and The Count of Monte Cristo, but other than that I think I can safely read as the whim strikes me.

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