My employer is paying for me to take a class to aid in my ability to do my job. I came in with high hopes, but, based on the first day (today) I’m not sanguine about the outcome. On this particular topic I’ve tried auto-didacticism and looking over the lesson plan for this three-day class it appears that my company could have just tossed the money out the window and gotten about the same return on its investment.

This is something of the problem with learning things on your own. I’ve apparently learned enough on my own to scrape by well enough for a beginner, but no one believes that you’ve done so until you go and get credentials for that knowledge. I mean, this isn’t any MS certification or anything, but it’s a class with a paper trail which counts for more than just knowing the material.

If I wasn’t lazy, I would here draw the connection between this attitude and the “need” for everyone to go to college, but, well…

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