Turn that phrase.

My youngest brother is a pretty smart guy. And, while everything he said in this post was pretty good, the phrase that really caught my attention was "grow some common sense, and see [FDR] for who he was - the economic equivalent of Jim Jones". It's magic!

Men of culture

"The man of culture finds the whole past relevant; the bourgeois and the barbarian find relevant only what has some pressing connection with their appetites....Henry Ford's observation that history is bunk is a perfectly proper observation for a bourgeois industrialist, and it was followed with equal propriety by another: 'Creeds must go.' Technology emancipates not … Continue reading Men of culture


"Honorifics are mere flummery, to be sure, but one must not overlook the truth that they represent an effort to distinguish between men and men of parts. When not abused, they are an explicit recognition of distinction and hierarchy, a recognition that cannot be dispensed with where highly organized effort is required."~ p. 160Ideas Have … Continue reading Honorifics