Cannot you tell that? Every fool can tell that.

Only if you have a strong stomach should you click the link included with this post. I’m very, very serious about that.

This post over at the other First Things blog is one I meant to post some time ago, but haven’t because I’ve been at a loss for how to comment on it adequately. I’m still unsure of myself, but I’ve waited long enough and I’m going to give it a go.

It’s a post nominally about abortion, and the superficial aspect of the story is horrific enough, but the underlying question and problem that is dealt with the latter part of the essay is truly the frightening part since it deals with the inability of our society to even comprehend how to combat such horror any longer. When you start to wonder if people are truly as depraved as they are often condemned to be, remember this and be reminded that, indeed, many people are.

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