Mediocre Wodehouse

Which almost always indicates early Wodehouse. A Man of Means is a short collection of six stories originally published serially in Pictorial Review. They were also, apparently, a collaboration with a man named CH Bovill, something I had not elsewhere run across in Wodehouse’s work.

The book itself wasn’t too bad, the language had a familiar sparkle that one recognizes from having read the Jeeves stories that came later, but it did lack the polish it later attained. The plot, like most Wodehouse plots, was predictable and yet still enjoyable. The story is the trials and tribulations of a man who unexpectedly comes into money. One of my favorite bits comes at the beginning where our hero beards his employer in his den to ask for a reduction in his salary so that he can put off his unwanted marriage a bit longer; a very Wodehousian touch.

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