A good question.

A good article up over at the First Things blog asks "[S]hould a society lend legitimacy to a legal system whose raison d’être is the destruction of that society?"----------------Listening to: Philharmonia Virtuosi - Musical Evenings With the Captain - 15 - Eight Pieces for Violin and Cello Airvia FoxyTunes

Yo! Joe!

Keeping the SF theme rolling, I read the Cobra trilogy by Timothy Zahn since it was all there at the library in a single volume while I was looking for the next Dragonback book. (He's big into reptiles, neh?) It was clear that this was really more than one book, and the first was the … Continue reading Yo! Joe!

A Beautiful Day

My elder daughter had her third birthday today. It wasn't a frantic, frenetic day. We didn't throw an enormous party and spend too much money and time chasing small children around our apartment. No, that's never been my idea of fun, neither as a child nor as an adult. I sincerely hope it will never … Continue reading A Beautiful Day


I have promised myself that I would not sink to such depths. I will refuse to slacken my vigilance against falling into the morass. I will not use made-up corporate faux-words. I will not say "uncomplicate", say "impact" when I mean "affect"; I will do my best to say "use" instead of "utilize", I will … Continue reading Degradation