Here’s the wind-up…

I “read” the Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers. By that, I mean I read the various article sections and flipped through the reference section. I didn’t read every single entry about which pitches were thrown by which pitchers. I feel a bit bad about including it on my list of books as a result, but my wife said she thought it counted, so I bowed to her discernment in this, as in so many things. A much better book than the one mentioned in the previous post, I think. Probably because there was much less of Bill James’ opinions and more of simply historical research. That and Rob Neyer seems to me to be a more reasonable person, insofar as one can tell these things merely by reading the writings of each individual. Not a book for anything but the most hardcore fan, but if you’re ever doing research that requires information about an obscure baseball pitcher, this is the book you’ll want to find.

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