Top Five Musicals

I was speaking to my father this evening (he has no internet presence of which I am aware, so no link) and we got onto the topic of what would be our top five musicals. My father was of the opinion that he didn’t really have a top five. He said he could probably think of five, but he didn’t think he could come up with five that he thought highly enough to warrant a top five rating. (He’s an objective guy, no grading on a curve here!) We discussed, very briefly, what sorts of movies would qualify as “musicals”, and discussed Gilbert and Sullivan (rejected, too much music; operettas, not musicals), Marx Bros. movies (undecided, not much music, but it does advance the plot; on the other hand, is there enough plot?) as well as some others. Here’s my (very quickly composed) list.

1. Singin’ in the Rain
2. Night at the Opera
3. Muppet Treasure Island
4. The Wizard of Oz
5. The Sound of Music

I only include one Marx Bros. movie since otherwise slots 3-5 would be taken up by Duck Soup, Horsefeathers, and Cocoanuts.

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