Life, Stuff and Books

The changes I referred to in the immediately previous post have to do with books both directly and indirectly. Directly: I am now a librarian! Well, okay, it’s merely an unpaid, volunteer librarian of my church’s small library, but let’s not quibble over such a beauteous thing, neh? A month or so ago, the current church librarian passed the baton (late-stamp? card catalog?) on to me since he was ready for a break after having overseen the library for a decade. About the next thing that happened was that much of our church was re-carpeted and so all the books got mixed up and out of order in being moved out of the library and then back in. Rather than being depressed by this, I look on it as being a marvelous opportunity to do a catalog of all the books and then get them on LibraryThing. After that, I’ll worry about setting up some policies to see if I can’t get materials returned in a more timely manner. (Some things have been checked out for more than ten years. Truly, it takes faith to believe that we’re getting that stuff back, heh.)

The other change, which will affect my reading indirectly, is that I was given a promotion at work to a new job. I’m really excited and pleased about it, and I think it will be good in just about every way. I think the work will be more challenging, more rewarding, the pay is better, the hours will allow me to more easily manage the church library, spend more time with my family on weekends, start attending one of my church’s weekly Bible studies, etc, etc. There are a lot of benefits to it, but the one downside will be that I’ll probably end up with less free time to devote to reading. On the other hand, there may be some other low priority things I could cut back on: this blog, movies, WoW, sleep….

Anyway, I’m full of excitement at the start of this year. May it unfold with the fullness of the promise it now has and may the year also be prosperous and full of God’s blessings for all of you.

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